Question: I think I won an auction item. What do I do next? 

Answer: Wait approximately 1 hour after the final lot closes to receive an invoice in your email. Check your junk mail if you have not received an invoice. To send a payment via bank wire please call our office for bank wire instruction @ (800) 419-3654. Once payment is made you will be given an address and contact number to arrange for pickup of asset. 


Question: What payment methods are accepted? 

Answer: Refer to the terms or payment method of each individual auction. Typically wire transfer payments or credit card payments are accepted. 



Question: What is a soft close? 

Answer: A soft close is during the last few minutes of an auction if a bid is placed within the last couple minutes bidding will extend a couple of minutes until the bidding stops. 



Question: Can i preview the asset for sale?  

Answer: Each seller is unique. Some sellers will allow for a preview and some will not. In the description of the asset being sold it will say if their is a preview or not and a contact number to call if a preview is available.